2 Females End Up In Massive Gang Bang After Crazy Sorority Rejection

I never belonged to a sorority in college, but I knew they did some pretty fucked up stuff. You always heard about the connection between sorority and fraternity house and what went on. I even knew about some houses that services the male teachers on campus. I caught this video the other day of a pair of sorority rejects trying to get their pledge places back that absolutely blew my mind.

From what I can gather, these two eighteen year olds didn’t get into the sorority they wanted because they couldn’t suck enough dick. Yes – really. I guess the sorority had an agreement with their connected frat house that the girls could be used when and how the “brothers” wanted. These two ladies didn’t meet up to their standards, so they got tossed aside.

In a fucked up bid to try and get back into the house, these two girls lined up a whole truckload of guys to jerk off, suck their dicks, get their pussies fucked as well as their (then) virgin asshole deflowered. If they weren’t good enough for those limp dicked fraternity boys, they were going to show their potential sorority sisters how they can really please a guy!

The guys lined up for what seemed like forever. Sometimes it would only be one of the girls with her legs spread while the other one just sucked off a few of the guys in line to keep them hard. Other times both of their barely legal asses were open for a fuck.  Some guys double teamed and took on a pair of holes at the same time. At one point, one of the girls had a cock in her mouth, hand, pussy and asshole! There was sweat, jizz, lube and tears everywhere!

I’ve got to admire the determination of these girls, that’s for sure!

Whiney Teen Getting Pounded with Monster Dick

If it’s one thing I can’t stand is watching little tiny teens have hissy fits on porn sets. That’s why I LOVED it then this pain-in-the-ass skinny girl got her pussy absolutely pounded on set! Sure, she thought she could handle it, even though I’d never seen a cock quite that thick before myself. She even said she’d give it a try without lube. I bet you can imagine how that went!

She changed from a prissy little diva who didn’t want her hair messed up to being bent over a couch getting her cunt abused until it was red raw! When she couldn’t take it anymore, the action didn’t stop there. The guy flipped her over and stared taking over her asshole. Yeah, she was moaning and playing along. Keep in mind, though – the biggest this this brat has ever had up her back side was her wimp of a boyfriend’s limp cock! When two and half inches of thickness made its way inside her princess ass, you knew it wasn’t going to be your standard sex scene.

Of course they had to take the degradation to the next level and make her suck down the cock that was just up her asshole. (I do love some ATM action when it comes to bratty porn girls.) Not only was she trying to actually suck this monster dick, she was also trying to keep down her lunch! Seems like Little Miss “Don’t Mess Up My Eyeliner” had a bit of a sensitive gag reflex and kept retching up when the guy stuck this python of a cock down her throat! That poor girl’s eyeliner was dripping down her face (along with her tears) in no time!

The best was when he blew his load all over her face and she didn’t have the forethought to close her eyes. You know that’s gonna sting…

I also share with you some of the representative gif video: