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Happy Couple Fucking In Their Home Are Blown By A Monster Cock.

I’m friendly with this couple who love to make homemade sex tapes. They make them everywhere – when they go on vacation, when they are home for the weekend, when they stay at a friend’s place – everywhere. They also know I’m the kind of girl that loves watching porn tapes anyway, so I get the pick of the litter when they come over with their newest burned DVDs. (Hell, I’ve even made a few with them myself.) The last one they showed me totally got me soaking!

Usually, it’s just the two of them. But this time, the girl invited in this guy she had been seeing on the side. (They’ve got an open relationship.) Holy fuck his cock was MASSIVE!! I’m not talking your normal thick cock that some guys are lucky to have – a full on “how do you find underwear big enough” monster dick! I thought there was no way in hell she was going to get that cock in her pussy, let alone her mouth or asshole.

But – my kinky friend didn’t let me down! Not only did she manage to take on this gigantic member, she did it at the same time as fucking her own husband! Yes – this nympho managed to get sandwiched between her husband and Mr Fire Hose Dick, take her husband’s cock in her ass, and this humongous cock in her pussy!

It didn’t end there, though. When her cunt had enough, the guys pulled out and stood above her.  She had a bit of a suck on both of them, but obviously she was pretty fucking tired from the double penetration. They guy with the smaller cock had one thing over the huge dick – he had a load that absolutely coated his girl’s face with more cum than I had seen in a long while!