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Punishtube Ad Girls Revealed

Have You Always Wondered Who THAT Girl is on a PunishTube Ad? Below, we have the answers you’re looking for!

As we have been receiving more and more requests asking us who are the girls featured in our advertisements and how we select them, we have decided to create this post to give some insight into who the girls are and how they’re selected. If you’ve been looking around the net searching for the wildest and kinkiest porn, you will likely have seen PunishTube advertisements and wondered who some of those girls are. You’ll easily see by yourself that Punishtube features only the most beautiful girls whose libido thrives on rough handling, monster cocks and buckets of cum.


The Selection Process

When new material is submitted to us, we first check that it meets our standards of top notch quality and kinkiness before posting it. Then, we carefully monitor our members’ feedback and ratings to find out which ones among our most brazen chicks generate the most enthusiasm among their admirers. That’s how super performers such as Teanna Trump, Jamie Jackson and Carter Cruise get to the forefront of porndom; not only because they are fucking beauties but because they are so entranced by the effect their performances have on our members that they become wilder and readier for anything with every scene they shoot. The better they are, the more they’re in demand by our members and the more features they appear in.

Sample Ads With Performers’ Names


Find More PunishTube Girl Videos

If you’ve seen the performer featured in our ads across the internet, then that means they consistently appear in the top rated section inside of our free members’ area. We frequently receive requests for these performers from our members’ and we do our best to meet those demands. Above, we have included a couple of graphics which feature most of our top performers, but the number one requested performer is Francheska(click for sample pictures). We have a large library of content featuring all of these extreme porn sluts inside of our free members’ area(click to join now). In the comments, please feel free to ask us about any performers we may have missed and we’ll answer!

The Best Threesome To Ever Happen

You’ve probably seen part of this scene in our ads across the internet. We aren’t joking when we say it’s the best threesome to ever happen here on PunishTube – and probably the world. We’ll sum it up for you quickly so that you can get to the pictures below. Basically, Francheska gets her ass and face destroyed by a couple of studs. The beautiful thing of it all? She absolutely loves every second of it. What a slut! And we mean that in the best way possible. Get your lotion and tissues ready…




Francheska Is A Dirty Slut

Francheska is by far our most popular little teen slut here at PunishTube. With that in mind, we figured it’s only fair to share a few pictures of this whore with our loyal readers. Below, you’ll see Francheska sucking a cock, getting her tight teen pussy pounded hard, and a nice little creampie finish. Enough with the talking, let’s take a look at this slut getting destroyed!


IMG_9674 IMG_9683 IMG_9694 IMG_9702 IMG_9705 IMG_9708 IMG_9717 IMG_9719 IMG_9724 IMG_9730 IMG_9734 IMG_9745 IMG_9754 IMG_9779 IMG_9781